The First of the RSA Bowling Club Championships for Men and Women was completed recently on a lovely, windless weekend.

LADIES: – Four teams of four players entered the Ladies Championship. The first team to lose two lives was Mavis Topia’s team followed by Val Jones’s team. Freda May (skip) with Adele Gardner, Glenis Muir and Jill Phillips had two lives playing a possible final against one lifer Jean Huxtable (skip) with Liz Muru, Evelyn Bradley and Joanne Milich. Some very good bowls were played by all players; however Huxtable managed to take a life off May. The final played out on the Sunday with both teams holding one life each, Huxtable winning the championship title after 15 ends 14-12.

MEN: – Eight teams of four entered into the Men’s Championship. After two rounds teams Hockley and Bird with their players retired. After round three Allison and Huxtable and their teams joined them. Round 4 (last game of the day) Hildreth beat Wishnowsky and Isaac beat Doak, therefore this saw Wishnowsky and Doak retire. The next day it was a possible final Hildreth (2 lives) v Isaac (1 life) where Isaac took a life off Hildreth 19-7. Into the final playing their third meeting Steff Hildreth (skip) with Mike Reddy, Bill Clode and Kevin Briscoe against Mel Isaac (skip), Greg Taylor, Don Lilly and Stu Moeau, Hildreth’s team took out the title 20-16 after 15 ends.

Congratulations to all the winners and the clubs best wishes to the teams who go away to play the Champ of Champ 4’s in February 2016.

Photos supplied: Women’s from left to right:- Jean Huxtable, Liz Muru, Evelyn Bradley, Joanne Milich.

Men’s from left to right:- Bill Clode, Mike Reddy, Kevin Briscoe, Steff Hildreth.

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