Recently the Far North RSA held the Junior (J5) championship singles.  There were five entries of men and six entries of women held over two days.

The Men’s championship was won by Mike Reddy with John Proctor runner up 21-14.  Both opponents played the final with one life each in the 6th round on the 2nd day.  The other one lifer who was through to the 2nd day was Don Lilly who lost to Mike Reddy 22-7.

The Women’s Championship was won by a J3 Evelyn Bradley (with 2 lives intact) with Helen Dephoff runner up ( 1 life intact) 23-12 on the 5th round for the women who were through to the 2nd day.

It was a pleasure to be the match convener (by Adele Gardner) of this tournament over the two days and to see the great bowls being played in excellent spirit and camaraderie by our Juniors.  I would like to thank our greens superintendant who prepared the greens, our lady in the kitchen who prepared the food all weekend, also the umpires and others who all gave their time over the two days.


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