Clash of the Titans….Far North RSA vs Coopers Beach Bowling Club…..

An excellent frost in the morning as I left home for the challenge getting my convening voice ready for a great days challenge.

The sun was up bad the frost was still biting the arthritic bones as everyone arrived to the club. Morning tea was great by Liz Muru, Max welcomed our visitors Coopers Beach on behalf of El Presidentae Ian then handed the reigns over to my convening skills.

After all the formalities were done with the battle began.

Moss prepared the green to a tee and after the first 2 rounds RSA were looking great with a barn storming 12 wins to 4 against, then after lunch proved that they were too strong willed for Coopers Beach by another 8 wins and 2 draws to convincingly trouncing Coopers Beach by 20 wins 2 draws 10 losses.  Coopers accepted the loss gracefully.

The chatting on the green was sometimes heated that showed true fierce competing between the two clubs and no one was about to let up till the buzzer sounded. A big thanks to; Max for the welcome he delivered,  Liz in the kitchen and the few that stayed behind to clean up, to Moss and the superb green, spotless too cleaning the green before the sun was up….. to our two umpires Glennis Ainsley and Alan Bright, a big aroha to my daughter whom helped me collecting fees, doing the raffles and timekeeper as well… we have a Minnie Cathy in the making, to Val for accepting the Trophy on our behalf (mine and Max’s decision), and finally our members that fought gallantly for our victory.

Your convenor and yours in sport Tupu

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