Nine year old new bowler in Kaitaia RSA Bowls Club opening day winning team!

Saturday 27th August, The weather cleared to sunshine during the opening day for the Kaitaia RSA Bowls Club, this being the 20th year in a row that KPH Construction have sponsored this tournament.  President Ian Macnee started the day by welcoming everyone and introducing the current Committee to those present.  He also welcomed the 5  junior 1st year players  aged from 9 to 15 who have joined our club and were all playing here in teams that day. He then asked Immediate Past President Val Jones who had been one of the original women to join the club to put up the Jack, and 1st year player, 10 year old Violet Kara to bowl the first bowl for the season, which she did perfectly, her bowl finishing very near the Jack.

The 16 teams including those from Kaitaia Combined, Church Road, Houhora, Coopers Beach, as well as our own bowlers then played 4 games of one hour 15 minutes each. After a sumptuous afternoon tea, President Ian after thanking the Sponsors, and the hardworking members Greenkeeper Moss Hotere for the great condition of the greens, Dawn Hargreaves for the catering, Kath Macnee for selling the raffles, the dance troupe (that Jean had run a very successful fundraising day for recently) for the raffles prizes they so kindly donated for this opening day and Tupu and Jean being the convenors for this day, presented the prizes to the following 5 teams.

Selwyn Hargreaves, Val Jones and 1st year player 9 year old Kiripaka Kara being the only team who won all 4 games, and with a total of 23 ends and 50 points 1st, then Don Lilly, Mike Reddy and Joanne Milich, 3 ½ wins 21 ends and 45 points 2nd, John Hodgson, Ian Macnee, Margaret Perry 3  wins, 20 ends 41 points for, 24 points against  3rd,  and Brian Cavey, Shirley Crabtree, Faye Irwin-Erceg,  also with 3 wins 20 ends, 41 points for and 26 points against  4th,  and Alan Thom, Jill Phillips, Dorothy Hardy 2 1/2 wins, 19 ends 38 points 5th. The lucky draw chocolates went to Liz Muru, Ron Paine and Brian Hardy.

The next open tournament is Wednesday 21 September being the Geards Funeral Home 2 x 4 x 2 mixed pairs. To enter your team please phone Pat Haines 4083620 .

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