Club Championship Women’s Singles Liz Muru Winner

Club Championship Women’s J8 Singles Evelyn Bradley Winner Men’s J8 Singles Mike Reddy Winner

Club Championship Triples 17-18 December 2016

Both the women and men’s FN RSA Bowling Club triples championships were held over 2 days on the weekend of 17th and 18th December in perfect weather and playing condition of the greens.

Women:   Seven teams competed with the two teams of Val Jones, Margaret Perry and Lillian Wells 2 lives and Freda May, Adele Gardner and Glenis Muir with one life, therefore having to play each other at least twice to determine the winner. Freda’s team proved to be too strong winning the 1st game 15 points to 13 and the second being a possible final, 25 points to 18. Therefore Freda May, Adele Gardner and Glenis Muir won the Women’s Triples Championship. Third place went to Mavis Topia, Rose Timoko and Reo King-Bennetts

Men:  Eight teams competed , with the finals being played by Peter Dorreen’s team of Paul Huxtable and Greg Taylor and Mike Reddy’s team of Barry Allison and Al Thom with both teams having only one life left. Peter’s team beating   Mike’s team by 17 points to Mike’s 12.  Therefore Peter Dorreen, Paul  Huxtable and Greg Taylor won the Men’s Triples Championship. (It is noted that  Mike Reddy’s team had earlier played Peter Dorreen’s team in  the first round of the men’s triples championship. Mikes’ team won that match 14 points to Peters 13) Third place went to Marty Doak, Bruce Panther and Neil Panther.

RSA Bowling Club Women’s  Championship Singles Winner Liz Muru Full report to follow

RSA Bowling Club Women’s J8 Singles Winner Evelyn Bradley. Men’s J8 Singles Winner Mike Reddy Full report to follow

Four’s Saturday  5th November saw  4 teams entered in the  Far North RSA Bowling Clubs Women’s 4’s championships vie for the title. In the first round  Mavia Topia, Reo King- Bennetts, Helen Dephoff and Mary-Anne Proctor beat  Jean Huxtable , Rose Timoko, Winnie Burkhardt and Evelyn Bradley 10 points to  5.  Val Jones, Margaret Perry, Liz Muru and Lillian Wells beat Jill Phillips, Dorothy Hardy, Adele Gardner and Freda May 23 x 5. In the second round  Jean Huxtable’s team narrowly beat Jill Phillips team by the smallest of margins of 13 points to 12, and Val Jones team beat Mavis Topia’s team 11 points to 9. Having one life each left Jeans team played again against Mavis team this time beating them 14 x 10. In the finals Vals team with 2 lives left faced Jeans’ team with one.  Val Jones,  Margaret Perry, Liz Muru and Lillian Wells  winning by 17 points to 9 therefore becoming the Far North RSA Bowling Club Women’s 4’s Champions for 2016.


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