The Far North RSA Bowling Club recently held the Doak Family Memorial Tournament.  This tournament was to be held in May of this year, however due to bad weather put an end to that, and another date had to be found to fit in with the family and our schedule.  We were lucky with the weather this time as it was a beautiful sunny winters day, and perfect for outdoor bowling.  There were teams from Houhora, Coopers Beach, Kaitaia Church Road, Kaitaia Combined and our own club members.  The Doak family also made up a team to get into the spirit of the day.  Pauas and seafood chowder and other delights made up for a lovely lunch served by the Doak family.

Pat & Farouk Doak, would have been proud of their family sponsoring this tournament to keep alive the wonderful memories of these two much loved legends, who were great bowlers too.

President Ian gave special thanks to the family, and all the workers who made this day a success.  The following six lucky prize winners were:-

Jean Huxtable, Joanne Milich, Hilton McCarthy, 4wins, 27ends, 58points – 1st;  Adele Gardner, Jill Phillips, Don Lilly, 3w, 23e, 48p – 2nd;  Sonny Hokai, Val Jones, Lillian Wells, 3w, 20e, 39p – 3rd;  Liz Muru, Janice Allan, Tom Whaturia, 3w, 19e, 45p – 4th;  Peter Doreen, Alan Thom, Ella Doreen, 3w, 19e, 40p – 5th;  Bruce Bird, Anne Ace, Neil Panther, 3w, 18e, 46p – 6th.

The RSA Bowling Club Summer opening tournament is on Saturday 27th August.  Entries to Tupu Campbell ph 4060012 or Jean Huxtable 4081175.

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