Far North RSA Bowling Club News
As the old sayings go “takeada green and you getta the shot” and “holes for bowls” was to the fore on the weekend of the 9th & 10th September for the 1st Championship match of the season.
The Championship Fours saw the rain delay the start of play on Saturday morning but play did get away approximately at 10.30 am. In the Men’s event, there were 6 entries and 5 entries in the Women’s section. Three rounds were completed on the 1st day where the weather turned out fine although extremely windy and chilly making very trying conditions. In the main section saw last year’s champs of Mike Reddy, Barry Allison, Alan Thom and Alan Bright lose 15-8 to Peter Dorreen, Paul Huxtable, John Hodgson, and 10-year-old Kiripaka Kara. The team of Kevin Briscoe, Rob Paine, Sonny Hokai, and Toto Thompson beat Selwyn Hargreaves, Russell Hockley, Greg Taylor and 13-year-old Brian Cox. Marty Doak, Bruce Bird and Ian & Neil Panther beat Sandy Edmonds, Don Lilly, Bob Duggan and Bill Clode 17-4. The 2nd round saw Briscoe beat Doak 13-5, Dorreen beat Hargreaves 15-10, Reddy beat Edmonds 23-4. The 3rd round Briscoe beat Dorreen 13-8 and Reddy beat Doak 16-3. Sunday’s play saw Briscoe’s team with the bye and Reddy’s team turned the tables on Dorreen 14-7 and in the potential final (15 ends no time limit) saw a great game with both teams working hard in the tricky conditions. Briscoe’s team got off to a flying start 12-1 up on the 8th end, Reddy’s team charging back scoring on the next 5 ends with the score on the 13th end 12-11. Briscoe scored on the 14th end to lead 13 -11. Although they tried hard Reddy could not force an extra end and Briscoe’s team winning 13-12 to retain their 2 lives and to take out the championship. Congratulations to both teams.
In the women’s section – 1st round – Last season champs of Val Jones, Liz Muru, Lillian Wells and Reo Bennetts-King came up against Jean Huxtable, Evelyn Bradley, Rose Timoko and Joanne Millich. Huxtable worked hard to keep her team in the game but the experience of the last season champs was to good Jones winning 15-8. Winnie Burkhardt, Tessa Pont, Helen Dephoff and Margaret Burk worked overtime to beat Mary-Ann Proctor, Sue Panther, 11 year old Violet Kara and Colleen Heke 12-10. Jill Phillips, Adele Gardner, Mavis Topia and Glenis Muir had the 1st bye. The 2nd round saw Huxtable’s team still struggling in the conditions in comparison to Proctor’s inexperienced team with Huxtable lucky to win the game 15-11. Congratulations to Proctor’s team for their top showing in their 2 games. Phillips team coming off their bye found it extremely hard going against Jones losing 22-2. Burkhardt had the bye. The 3rd round saw Huxtable beat Philips 16-10 and Jones take a life off Burkhardt 17-4. Sunday’s play saw Jones with 2 lives have a bye while Huxtable’s team playing good bowls against Burkhardt’s struggling team. Burkhardt played some great saving bowls to no avail with Huxtable winning 17-7. With a potential final of (15 ends no time limit) saw the battle once again of Jones 2 lifer and Huxtable’s team with 1 life still playing steady bowls and Jones having to save on numerous occasions to help her team. Huxtable winning 13-10.
Finals saw once again the experience of Jones playing some great saving shots. The 13th end saw Huxtable drop 3 shots to put the score at 13 all. 14th end saw Jones hit the lead 15-13 Huxtable needing 2 shots to force an extra end ran at the jack and scored the necessary shots to be 15 all. Huxtable triumphed on the extra end when lead Joanne Millich drew onto the jack with her 1st bowl winning 18-15 and to take out the championship. Congratulations to all the ladies’ teams and thank you to the Green Keeper, Kitchen Staff, Match Committee and Umpire for all their good work over the 2 days.

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